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Venture Vault provides a trustworthy repository, plus real-time compliance monitoring for your Texas-based entities.

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  • Entity Management

  • Registered Agent Service

  • Corporate Document Drafting

  • File Storage & Sharing


A Single, Easy To Use Portal

In an increasingly paperless business world, secure your entity information, including documents and filings, in one, easy-to-use portal.

Venture Vault provides a trustworthy repository, plus real-time compliance monitoring for your Texas-based entities.

Safeguard your entities against involuntary termination by state agencies, requiring fees and long filing turnaround times, loss of name rights, loss of access to the courts, difficulties in securing financing, tax liens, fines and penalties, and personal liability.

Entity Management

Venture Vault offers tools to aid in maintaining the active status of an entity, including a real-time integration with the Texas Comptroller and Secretary of State. It's a one-stop shop for all information involved in protecting
your business.


Registered Agent Service

Acting as the entity’s agent, Venture Vault provides a public address. We receive, store, and notify contacts of service of process notices, and other legal and government documents.


Corporate Document Drafting

Venture Vault assists in maintaining annual and special meeting minutes, an important component of an entity’s active status.


File Storage & Sharing

We host a secure portal for housing and distributing documents and notices, including on-the-fly 3rd party sharing.

Yes! Venture Vault Can:
  • Serve as Registered Agent for entity; accepting & distributing all notices

  • Maintain all corporate documents for entity

  • Provide access to portal, allowing client secure file storage & sharing solutions from any computer or smartphone

  • Integration with electronic signature application

  • Distribute franchise tax/status notices to client, as received, to assist in the entity maintaining active/compliant status with state agencies

Pricing Statement

Venture Vault offers both annual and monthly billing options.

One Entity


$48.99 Per Month
$550.00 Per Year

Two or More Entities

$39.99 Each, Per Month
$450.00 Each, Per Year

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At Venture Vault, we envisioned one repository, automating the management of entity documents and notices, providing a real-time status update to owners, reassuring them of further security of their organizations and assets. Over time, we endeavored to produce such a portal, combining our experience in managing entities and feedback from decades of work with clients who own and manage organizations, themselves. We are proud to work to make this vision a reality for our clients.